Species: Chimpanzee

chimpsInspired by various pieces of Sci-fi literature, some humans took it upon themselves to breed genetically modified chimpanzees, increasing their brain size to be comparable to Humans and endowing them with speech. This caused all sorts of ructions within world governments until one by one countries accepted chimpanzees as equals to humans. Chimpanzees worked twice as hard as humans to get half the credit but eventually there was no position that they didn’t fill, including heads of states of some of the more progressive countries.
Chimpanzees dress much like humans and like to name themselves using groan inducing puns (like Arthur Brain) – the dirtier pun, the better (like Kurt E. Dunt).

As Chimpanzees spent their formative evolutionary years swinging through trees, their Reflex is high compared to other Species. As a relatively new space travelling species, alien technology is less likely to work on the brains of Chimpanzees.

Chimpanzees get:

  • +1 to Reflex
  • +1 to Will
  • Speed of 8
  • +2 to their initiative score
  • A better Careful Movement skill

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