Species: Human

“We will prevail. We will be free.” – The last thing we heard from Earth before leaving.

CIMG4033Humanity hasn’t changed much; the tech level is a bit higher, especially for military technology, but not so much for any other technology. Humans have evolved their political systems, realising that agreement was needed on an underlying set of laws that every country obeys. The nation’s leaders still hold the majority of the power despite a World President now being elected (an Englishman by the name of Robert Nelson). This is a largely ceremonial role, even when we made contact with the aliens known as Stishak. The leaders of the larger countries met in back rooms and hashed out deals over time with the Stishak representatives.

However when the Draydun struck, in the chaos that followed President Nelson’s position was solidified as he took charge of the Space Fleet, commandeering any trader spaceship and their crew and pressganging them into service along with the military fleet. The individual leaders of Earth’s nations tried to overrule him but the military had their orders.

Humans of the future vary in size and weight slightly less than present day humans as nutrition tends to be better.

  • +2 to Will
  • Your Cinematic Movement talent is Strong
  • Once per mission, you may take two actions in the Action Phase

4 thoughts on “Species: Human

  1. I was thinking that perhaps “resolves breaches in code of conduct with great violence” would be appropriate for Chimp, but perhaps humans too eh?

    Good luck with your endeavour! I like a mixture of scifi and whimsy.


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