Profession: Lawyer

lawyerAfter the wormhole opened and contact with aliens was made, businesses saw a new opportunity to expand their empires and see ever greater profits. The Endeavour was the first Earth spaceship to the Chent home world and was filled with representatives of businesses including Lawyers who were there to thrash out complicated inter-planet business contracts. Herb Goodlight – the Australian CEO of Sparrow Industries – insisted that his company’s Lawyer be trained in martial arts. He believed in the old sci-fi stories he grew up with that had portrayed alien civilisations using trial-by-combat to settle disputes. He thought it best if his Lawyer could administer both pain and paperwork. His peers thought he was mad and laughed at the expense of finding someone with such disparate skills.

A misunderstanding on the Chent homeworld led to several of the delegates being arrested for being involved in a bar brawl. They were charged and – you guessed it – their trials were trial by combat. When the Endeavour returned, Sparrow Industries was the only company to win a contract from the Chent. All of the other companies suddenly scrambled to find Lawyers that were experts at hand-to-hand combat for future missions.

Humans and Androids are the most common Lawyers for their tenacity and logical thinking respectively. Stishaks don’t have trial-by-combat so are quite rare as combat oriented Lawyers. Chimpanzees don’t like to wear “monkey suits” so are reluctant Lawyers.

Things to consider if you choose Lawyer as your character’s profession:

  • Were you a fighter who studied law or were you always intending to study Law and realised late on that if you trained in combat, the galaxy was yours to explore?
  • Do you use the traditional Black Hole Blade or another hand-to-hand combat weapon?

Choose Lawyer as your character’s profession if you want to play an expert with the Black Hole Blade who can aid allies by giving inspiring speeches.

If you choose Lawyer as your character’s profession you gain the following benefits:

  • Your Physique attribute score is 2
  • Your Vision attribute is 1
  • Your Intelligence attribute score is 3
  • Black Hole Blade Expert – When attacking with a Black Hole Blade, your Physique attribute score is 3.
  • Inspiring Speech – 2 times per mission you can forgo your Move action to use the Inspiring Speech power:
You give an inspiring speech
Effect: Each ally within 5 hexes of you regains 5 confidence points


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