Profession: Smuggler

SmugglerAs long as there are people who crave things that are illegal, there will be smugglers. In the future it is no different, with complex trade agreements between worlds sometimes outlawing the most basic of things. Smugglers tend to be loners or operate in small groups as the more people involved in any deal, the more ways profit has to be split. Some smugglers actually work unofficially for companies who have been hit by the trade agreements, but most do things off of their own back. Smugglers are a magnet for trouble, frequently getting into fights on distant worlds with other smugglers or local law enforcement.

Smugglers by their nature are risk takers, who are brimming with confidence that no matter what they do, they will never be caught. Even if they happen to find themselves in trouble they seem to always get out of it with smile and a bluff.

Choose Smuggler as your character’s profession if you want to play a deceptive character that has a knack for getting into trouble and the confidence to get out of it.

Things to consider if you choose Smuggler as your character’s profession:

  • Did you volunteer to serve on Spaceship 47? Were you “encouraged” to join up as part of a deal to reduce a prison sentence? What happened to your ship?
  • Were you a lone smuggler, struggling on your own against the dangers of the galaxy or were you part of a small group of smugglers that you consider to be your family.

If you choose Smuggler as your character’s profession you gain the following:

  • Your Physique attribute score is 3
  • Your Vision attribute is 2
  • Your Intelligence attribute score is 1
  • Self-belief – +4 to your maximum confidence points score
  • Risk taker – When making a skill check, you can sacrifice 2 confidence points to re-roll a single die.

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