Profession: Doctor

DoctorMedical technology has improved a fair bit as a side effect of the money being pumped into military research. Despite the advances, Doctors are still needed more than ever due to the multiple species that come under their purview. Training and gut instinct are more important than algorithms as a Doctor is more like a vet than a present day Doctor.

A doctor has to study for years learning the anatomy of 3 of the following species – Humans, Chimpanzees, Stishak, Fezarri and Chent. This is dependent on where the person has studied and the individual’s choices.

The instinct to look after one another is present in all organic species so Humans, Chimpanzees and Stishaks all make excellent Doctors. Androids are the least common Doctors as patients find their bedside manner to be poor.  Although there are some models designed specifically to be search and rescue operatives in disasters areas to give first aid to survivors.

Things to consider if you choose Doctor as your character’s profession:

  • Did you study on Earth or take advantage of some of the exchange programs with other planets’ universities?
  • Are you an expert on one species? Or on a particular area of anatomy across multiple species?

Choose Doctor for your character’s profession if you want to help your allies actually make it to the end of adventures.

If you choose Doctor as your character’s profession you gain the following benefits:

  • Your Physique attribute score is 1
  • Your Vision attribute score is 2
  • Your Intelligence attribute score is 3
  • Cure an ally – 2 times per mission you can remove a condition from an adjacent ally.
  • Inoculate an ally – 2 times per mission you can make an adjacent ally have Resist 1 All to the next attack they are hit by.

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