Profession: Security Officer

Every spaceship needs security personnel. Security Officer’s investigate crimes on the spaceship and generally try and maintain order. The chief of security on Spaceship 47 is a Stishak, towering above the rest of the crew, it’s intimidating presence means that there is rarely any trouble on Spaceship 47. His subordinates are almost as imposing and are various different Species.

Things to consider if you choose Security Officer as your character’s profession:

  • Are you a people person, taking the time to get to know the crew to try and head of trouble before it rears its head? Or are you an abrasive loner, who is feared rather than respected?

If you choose Security Officer as your character’s profession you gain the following benefits:

  • Your Physique attribute score is 3
  • Your Vision attribute score is 1
  • Your Intelligence attribute score is 2
  • As an action, you 1 ally you can see may make an attack on a target of your choice. Roll 1 black dice  and add it to your ally’s pool.

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