Grenades: Updated


There here no hexes now, so using a roll to determine the intended target is impossible. The way grenades work now is this:

Choose a Section you can target. Count the fewest number of moves it would take for your character to get there. This is the number of defence dice used. Roll the attack roll. If you succeed the grenade detonates in the chosen section. If you fail, then determine at random one of the connected Sections from your chosen Section. The grenade detonates there.

The go-to for many as there is something satisfyingly primal about 
causing a large explosion.
Ability: Physique
Effect: All creatures in the target Section and all connected Sections 
take 4 damage.
Phantom Grenade
When this grenade explodes it appears to do nothing at first. But 
those standing just a little bit further away feel the full force of it.
Ability: Visual
Effect: Creatures in the target Section take no damage. Creatures in
connected Section take 3 damage.
Nanobot Storm
These flying nanobots can be programmed to hit 3 different targets.
Ability: Intelligence
Effect: A creature of the player's choice in the target Section takes 5 
A second creature of the player's choice in a connected Section takes 4 
A third enemy of the player's choice in a connected Section to the second 
creature takes 2 damage.
Wormhole Spheres
This pair of smooth black spheres allow you to create a small wormhole
Ability: Vision
Special: You target two Sections as the intended target. Make one roll 
for each targeted Section. 
Effect: When switched on, they allow any creature to travel between the
two Sections as if they are connected Sections.


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